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We work all over Estonia & Finland

There are several companies operating in Estonia that specialise in the installation of epo floors. However, far from all of them are ready to offer their customers a combination of good service quality and affordable prices. We are.


We are a team of young, ambitious employees. We work hard and efficiently to create floors that you can surely call ideal. We work with very different rooms – you can order an industrial floor from a self-levelling mixture or a floor for an office, warehouse, large kitchen. We also work with exhibition and sales halls, saunas and shower rooms, petrol stations and lounges. There are no unsolvable tasks for us, there are just interesting tasks – all kinds of surfaces and layouts, all assumed conditions of use. Just tell us what result you want and we will achieve it. 

Two out of three customers will contact us again later or recommend us to their acquaintances. We look forward to hearing from you!



Any type of epo coating

If the floor does not have to withstand a high load, epoxy paint or varnish is the optimal option. These two materials provide an epoxy layer with thickness up to 0.2 mm. Epoxy bulk grout with sand, self-levelling compound, including antistatic, are with thickness up to 2 mm. It is possible to order a floor up to 3 mm thick made of a friction compound containing sand, a chemical-resistant grout up to 9 mm, as well as a floor made of granulated stone, the thickness of which can reach 18 mm. As you can see, it is possible to find the optimal option for all your wishes and requirements.


Excellent quality guarantee.

The combination of high-quality certified materials and state-of-the-art technologies ensures that you will be satisfied with our work results. We give a 2-year warranty on all our floors.


Affordable prices

We attempt to do our work not only with high quality, but also affordably for everyone, so we keep prices low. The wide range of different types of epo coatings that you can order from our company enables to find an option that is suitable not only in terms of operating parameters, but also in terms of price. If necessary, our personnel will advise you on any issues of interest and assist in finding the type of epoxy floor coating that best meets your needs and criteria.