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Epoxy floors all over Estonia and Finland

There are many different ways to make a room's floor neat and enduring. One of the easiest and most effective ones is to use an epoxy floor coating.

Why epo floors?

When ordering an epoxy floor, you can reckon with multiple benefits that come with this option, including:

  • aesthetic, beautiful appearance. You can choose any colour or colour combination, the result will be a glossy floor covering, perfectly straight and smooth;
  • high durability. This feature makes the use of epo floors much broader: due to their endurance, this floor covering is especially in demand in production and industrial facilities and service premises;
  • ease of use. Epoxy floors have a monolithic structure, dirt particles and dust just can't get anywhere, so it is easy to keep such floor coverings perfectly clean.

You can only consider the advantages of epo coating listed above if you entrust the floor installation to professionals. To Epo Deco professionals, for instance.

Miks epopõrandad?
  • 2 years warranty

Base color tones

Possibility to order any RAL color

Types of epoxy floors

We use high-quality certified materials from our partners to lay floor coverings.

Epoxy varnish, epoxy paint

Layer thickness 0,1-0,2 mm

Self-levelling epoxy grout

Layer thickness 0,5–2 mm


Self-levelling polyurethane grout

Layer thickness 1,5-2,5 mm


Bulk grouts with epoxy sand

Layer thickness 2–3 mm

Epoxy friction compounds with sand

Layer thickness 3-4 mm


Grainstone floors

Layer thickness 6-18 mm

Chemically resistant grout

Layer thickness 6 – 9 mm

Epopõrandad tüübid

About us – Epo Deco

We are a team of young, ambitious employees. We work hard and efficiently to create floors that you can surely call ideal. We work with very different rooms – you can order an industrial floor from a self-levelling mixture or a floor for an office, warehouse, large kitchen. We also work with exhibition and sales halls, saunas and shower rooms, petrol stations and lounges. There are no unsolvable tasks for us, there are just interesting tasks – all kinds of surfaces and layouts, all assumed conditions of use. Just tell us what result you want and we will achieve it. 

Two out of three customers will contact us again later or recommend us to their acquaintances. We look forward to hearing from you!